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  2. Server Information

    Server Information Server Address: play.ca-rp.com Player Limit: 50 Download Client NOTE: The server is only available to testers at this time!
  3. Forum Rules

    Forum Rules Last Updated: N/A Respect all members, no matter their age, race, sex or rank. No spamming the forums with useless posts or unrelated to the topic. No double, triple posting. You have a edit post button for a reason, use it. Respect and listen to forum moderators & administrators. No advertising other websites or server communities. All signatures and avatar images must be appropriate. Do not bump old topics (unless they are relevant to an on-going discussion).
  4. Welcome!

    Welcome! California Roleplay is a medium (voice) roleplaying server set in the City of Los Santos and Blaine County area. Our server will be available to the public shortly.
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