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  1. Server Rules Last Updated: 8/16/2020 Exploiting Server & Client Bugs No Exploiting sever or multiplayer client bugs is prohibited. If a bug is exploited for a financial benefit or for cheating purposes, the abuser will be banned. In addition to the ban, if a player a player is caught abusing a bug for a financial benefit, everything he/she had gained will be revoked. All server bugs should be reported on the forums in the appropriate section. DO NOT report bugs to administrators or developers through private messages. Reporting bugs on the forums ensures the report is see
  2. Server Information Server Address: play.ca-rp.com Player Limit: 50 Download Client NOTE: The server is only available to testers at this time!
  3. California Roleplay is a medium roleplaying server set in the Los Santos and Blaine County area. Custom Framework: We built everything from the ground up so we could provide totally unique features while ensuring top notch performance. Build your character and their backstory: We want to see people playing a character with their own unique backstory and personality traits. We want serious role-players who are ready to commit to their characters. Active Admins/Moderators Friendly server and open to suggestions Native voice support: Via Mumble (includi
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