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California Roleplay is a medium roleplaying server set in the Los Santos and Blaine County area.


  • Custom Framework:  We built everything from the ground up so we could provide totally unique features while ensuring top notch performance.
  • Build your character and their backstory:  We want to see people playing a character with their own unique backstory and personality traits. We want serious role-players who are ready to commit to their characters.
  • Active Admins/Moderators
  • Friendly server and open to suggestions
  • Native voice support: Via Mumble (including proximity)
  • Player run economy : Work at your job to earn enough money to potentially become your own business owner and possibly become a multiple businesses tycoon. Since most items need to be crafted and most shops are owned by a player, this means the players control the supply and the demand!
  • Law Enforcement : White Listed ( Los Santos Police Department and Blaine County Sheriff's Office ) radar in vehicles and officers can cuff / drag perps.  
  • Jobs : Taxi Driver , Truck Driver, Mechanic and many more to choose from.
  • Purchase vehicles through dealerships around the city
  • White Listed Crime Factions
  • Custom Housing: All across the map ,Come meet your new neighbors!
  • Pamper your character :  With Custom Clothing Shops and Hair Salons for male and female.



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