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Server Rules

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Server Rules
Last Updated: 8/16/2020

Exploiting Server & Client Bugs

No Exploiting sever or multiplayer client bugs is prohibited. If a bug is exploited for a financial benefit  or for cheating purposes, the abuser will be banned. In addition to the ban, if a player a player is caught abusing a bug for a financial benefit, everything he/she had gained will be revoked.

All server bugs should be reported on the forums in the appropriate section. DO NOT report bugs to administrators or developers through private messages. Reporting bugs on the forums ensures the report is seen by the staff team and development team, who will ensure all bugs found are fixed.


IC & OCC Communication

In Character - Talking in voice-chat or regular text chat, or using the proper commands is considered as in-character chat. The same rules applies to all global announcements. In this type of chat, you are not allowed to use abbreviations or smiley faces, you also must grammatically correct spelling, however we do not enforce punctuation or capitalization.

Out of Character - To speak out of character, you must use the /OOC command. Out-of character chat is always enclosed in brackets, like the following..

Example: (( text ))

In this type of chat you may use smiley faces and grammatically correct spelling is not that important. But is much appreciated.



Metagaming is the act of relaying in-character information through out of character means or using out of character information that is not available or known to your character in-character.

Example: Your character cannot see a players' nametag or ID, therefore, while roleplaying you must pretend that you do not know the names of the strangers around you and would not call them by their stranger name or ID.

Metagaming - to gain an in-game advantage. EXAMPLE: telling a friend your location through OOC channels (i.e. private messages or private voice services) to obtain backup), will result in more severe punishments than accidental metagaming that serves no benefit to the player such as calling a stranger by his/her character name prior to learning it in character.



Powergaming is the act of roleplaying something unrealistic or forcing roleplay actions on other players.

Forceful server commands, such as: cuff or drag are not considered powergaming and are only available to law enforcement factions in the proper roleplaying manner.

Roleplaying something that is not converted by the server script, to put a player in a disadvantage is considered powergaming, unless such roleplay is accepted by both parties.

Example: A player cannot use "/me punches the man in face and knocks him out." against another player and tell them they must RP as unconscious as this is forcing roleplay on someone else.

It is not allowed to input false information or lie in /do's as this is constituted as powergaming, as this is explaining FACTS of a roleplay situation.

Example: You were in a store robbing and someone checks the surveillance video and it shows  that you were robbing it, in this situation you must describe what you were doing in the video.





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